Types of Bricks used for construction...

Types of Bricks used for construction in India

The type of bricks used for building construction in India include Red Clay Bricks Clay bricks are the most commonly used and easily available variety of bricks in India. Clay bricks are formed by mixing clay along with sand and getting the wet mixture into a mould either manually or using hydraulic machines. It is […]

Artwork for Home Interiors

Artwork for Home Interiors

Sculptural pieces add dimensionality to your walls. It can be made from a variety of  materials, from clay to bronze. Thus, a range of materials and textures like felt, horn, ceramic and even macramé create unique focal points and conversation topics in any interiors. Creative use of sculptures can become an integral part of your […]

When to go for an Island (Kitchen)?

When to go for an Island (Kitchen)?

The “Heart” of any home is the kitchen and like they say, way to anyone’s heart is through his stomach!! When you build your home, the kitchen is all about the home-maker’s dream space and the most discussed space between the designer and the client! Today we will try and understand if a fixed Island […]

Dining Room

Dining Room

Formal Dining This is a space where you entertain guests with food and wine. However, depending on the kind of life style you have, you can decide how big a dining table you will require. The dining room should have easy access to the formal living and preferably away from family bedrooms and other private […]

All about Windows


Mr Gates (Bill), as intelligent and enterprising as he might be, fooled the world for a few decades by selling something that was eventually made free by people who believe in a free world – Windows.Here we are going to talk about the other windows, not the one that always hangs, the one we can […]

Kerala Architecture has been Bangalor...


Ayurvedagram Resort Whitefield, an Ayurvedic treatment centre and resort in Bangalore is a glowing tribute to the traditional Architecture and cultural heritage of Kerala. A trip to Ayurvedagram can take us back to God’s own Country, the way it was a century ago. The resort has Nalukettus (houses with four blocks built around a courtyard), […]

What is the difference between Modern...

What is the difference between Modern and Contemporary Architectural Styles?

Modern Architectural Style The Modern architectural style emerged in the early 1900s as an architectural style that refused to acknowledge itself as a style. The modernism movement which emerged in all forms of live including art and music did wonders in the world of architecture by removing ornamentation from structures and put the focus on […]

Kitchens Layouts


We see this everyday, but few of us have bothered to notice that kitchens have 3 ‘Work Centres’ vis-a-vis The Stove, The Sink and The Fridge. These three points and the imaginary lines between them, make up what architects call ‘The Work Triangle’. The shape of the kitchen work triangle is used to determine efficient […]

Living Rooms


Formal Living A formal living is a the space right next to the main entrance ,and is usually furnished extensively with more focus on form rather than function. The word “parlour” also describes this socializing or lounge room. According to size a formal living can be classified into 3 categories : a) Small b) Medium […]

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